Giving Meal Gift Baskets

Meal gift baskets make an excellent gift anytime of the year. They are especially good to give as get well gifts and housewarming gifts; times when people are busy or unable to make their own meals.
Here are some meal gift basket ideas. Some need to be delivered while fresh and others can be shipped:
Casseroles — Casseroles are delicious and can be a meal in itself. There are baskets that are made to hold a casserole dish; these are perfect to present your gift in. You can line the basket with cloth napkins to dress it up a bit. Include the baking dish as part of the gift. So you have given a meal, baking dish, napkins and basket as a gift.
Pasta — Create a pasta dish that you know your recipient will love. Put the pasta meal in a nice serving bowl, and then into a basket that has room for other things. Add some parmesan cheese and some Italian seasonings to the basket.
Make a Meal — If you are giving a gift to someone who loves to cook, you can do a basket of ingredients. Consider the foods they like and find a recipe. Purchase all the nonperishable ingredients and put them in a basket with the recipe. If there is meat, vegetables or other ingredients they will need to buy, consider putting a gift certificate to a grocery store local to them.
These are a few examples of meal gift baskets. They are exciting to create and fun to receive.