Tips For Ordering Tender And Flavorful Steak

Whether you prefer your steak rare or fully cooked, making the right choices about it is important when you are ordering at a steakhouse. Some cuts of beef are not the best for cooking rare while others are perfect for it. Check out these tips for helping you order the steak you will never forget sinking your teeth into.

Choosing The Cut Of Beef That Is Most Tender After Cooking

The cut of beef from areas on the cow that are used the least are the ones that produce tender cooked steaks. For example, the muscles in the center of the cow’s ribs are not used much. When you order a rib eye steak, it is a cut from the top portion at the center of the ribs, which is the reason why it is one of the most tender cuts of beef. The short loin area on a cow is where filet is cut from. The short loin is at the back of the rib area and is not worked out as the cow moves, meaning this area produces muscles that are tender when after cooking. The strip lying in the short, called the short tenderloin, is where a New York strip cut is taken from and is also one of the most tender cuts of steaks available. When ordering your steak, bear in mind these cuts for getting steak you can cut and chew easily.

How Your Steak Is Cooked Matters

If a steak is overcooked, it does not matter if it is a tender cut of beef because it can still be tough and hard to chew. Overcooking can toughen meat. If your prefer a rare steak, make sure the restaurant you choose will cook it like you want. Keep in mind that some restaurants do not cook their steaks too rare because of the risk of bacteria making you sick. However, most steaks cooked medium rare are tender and have the greatest flavor, especially if a steak has enough fat to add the best flavor to the lean meat. If you prefer a fully-cooked steak, choosing a cut that has a lot of fat is best for ensuring its tenderness and great flavor. Ribeye cuts are great choices for fully cooked and rare steaks.

Grilled Steaks Have The Greatest Flavor

If you can order a steak that is cooked on a charcoal grill, you can look forward to a unique, smoked flavor. Grilling is the best way to cook a medium rare steak because it can provide the perfect level of searing on the outside while leaving the inside pink and juicy. When you order a rare steak, it should come back with the fat on the outside blackened enough to be crispy while the inside is light pink. If the inside of your steak is bright red, it is more rare than medium rare. If you order a steak at a steakhouse that has a solid metal grill, ask about the kinds of seasoning used for achieving the smoke flavor you get from a charcoal grill. Some seasonings used in many steakhouses, however, produce a delicious flavor that is not smoked.

Nothing is as good as a perfectly cooked medium rare steak, yeast rolls and glass of red wine. If you are ready to enjoy a good steak, learning more about the cuts of beef best to order is a good idea for getting the meal you can appreciate.