Pick Up Your Spirits And Eat Well With A Winter Picnic

Get rid of mid-winter blues by treating loved ones to a wonderful wintry-themed picnic. Choose an indoor venue in cooler climates, such as a museum or a library, or set up your patio in warmer regions to accommodate your picnic guests. Don’t skimp on your picnic basket; invest in a full-size basket that comes with serving utensils, plates, and compartments to hold your supplies. You’re sure to use it over and over again.

Pack your winter picnic basket with the following goodies, which are suited to the season:

Soul-satisfying sandwiches. The simplest and most popular picnic fare has got to be sandwiches, and the chilly weather makes a hearty sandwich the perfect choice. Choose fresh Kaiser rolls from a company like Klosterman Baking Company, and pile high with robust cold cuts such as smoked meat, salami, or even roasted portabello mushrooms if you don’t eat meat. No cutlery is needed and Dijon mustard, which doesn’t require refrigeration, is the perfect condiment.

Something smoky. Another popular picnic choice is something with a smoky flavor, such as smoked cheese or smoked seafood with hearty crackers. You can buy cans of smoked clams, oysters, and mussels, packed in oil, which make the perfect satisfying snack for any picnic.

Crunchy accompaniments. Who doesn’t like something crunchy with their sandwich? Instead of the usual chips and pickles, try something a bit more sophisticated. Buy a big jar of pickled veggies, such as cauliflower, peppers, baby onions, and asparagus, which can all be served at any temperature.

Sweet endings. End your meal with something sweet, but which travels well. Consider making individual desserts in plastic containers for an intimate picnic, such as sponge cakes with fruit compote, or bake a batch of decadent cookies for a crowd. Consider finger-foods for dessert, too, like ladyfingers, fresh fruit, or rich chocolate truffles.

Something warm to drink. How do you plan to wet your whistle at your winter picnic? If the weather is cool, fill a thermos with something warm like hot cocoa spiked with peppermint schnapps or mulled wine, as long as your venue permits alcohol. It doesn’t hurt to pack a bottle of sparkling or spring water, as well, to wash it all down.

Don’t forget to pack these few items in your winter picnic basket:

– A couple battery operated candles for atmosphere.

– A handful of recycled plastic bags to make clean-up easy.

– A warm blanket or two to lounge on.

– A bottle of champagne just in case there is something to celebrate!